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Curricula and Credits

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Earning / Transferring Credits

The curriculmn at Escuela D'Amore has been evaluated and accepted by many universities and colleges in the USA. Each University and College has their own criteria and policies about transferring credits, and Escuela D'Amore works with each college student and their advisors to insure that the course work meets the student's schools requirements. A sampling of some the Universtities and Colleges that have accepted our course work are: Texas State University; University of Michigan; University of Colorado; University of Utah; University of San Diego; Carroll College, Wisconsin; and Florida Atlantic Universtiy. We are positive that our course work and curricula meet or exceed the requirements of the language department of all the major Universities and Colleges in the USA. Our Staff works with each student's advisor and language department to insure a smooth transfer of the credit hours, and issues the necessary transcripts.

College level courses offered are:
Basic I & Basic II
Intermidate I & Intermidate II
Advanced I & Advanced II
Medical Spanish I & II
Business Spanish I & II

Contact Hours
Classes consist of 4 hour sessions, followed by a 1 hour conversation class, five days per week - 25 Hours of Spanish Instruction weekly, in classes limited to 5 !
In addition to the "Contact Hours", but not included in the computation for credit, are additional acquisition / reinforcemenet activities, such as living with your host family, travelling, volunteering, and playing in the community.

The Curriculumn

Worksheet - Credit Hours / Weeks of Study

Academic Program

When students arrive at La Escuela de Idiomas D'Amore, they are given an oral proficiency interview to determine their level. Based on this interview, they are placed tentatively in one of our six levels (Basic I and II, Intermediate I and II and Avanced I and II). Students can move up according to their progress.

Once placed in a classs, students will experience our total immersion methodology.

Our school follows the total immersion methodology; therefore, classes are conducted completely in Spanish, the interaction with families is completely in Spanish and the textbooks used at the school are also entirely in Spanish.

All the textbooks have been designed by the school and are patented and copywritten with the Library of Congress in the United States for their uniqueness. Each lesson in each one of the textbooks consists of four parts: "Let's get to know the culture" is an introduction to the Costa Rican or Latin American culture and introduces some of the items to be studied in vocabulary and
grammar; "Let's get to learn the vocabulary" focuses in the
learning of vocabulary; "Let's get to learn to grammar" analyzes
and reinforces some of the grammar; and "Let's get to practice
what we learned" is a general oral and written practice of what
was studied in the previous sections.

Since a good amount of our students are either doctors
or medical students, we have also designed a textbook
for Medical Spanish. In this textbook, medical students or
professionals of the Medical field can learn vocabulary of
the human body, illnesses, symptoms, etc

We also offer free conversational sessions for one hour
everyday for those who want to enhance their speaking
ability, and a tutorial English class for those who have
difficulty with any item studied in class.

One day a week, students participate in a field trip that
focuses on a social or enviromental issue in the
Manuel Antonio area or the town of Quepos.
Also free conversational classes are always offered
for students to practice before and after class.

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