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The Rain Forest & Manuel Antonio

Manuel Antonio is simply described as a tropical paradise. Sandy beaches and high cliffs are situated in a vibrant rain forest full of extraordinary flora and fauna surrounded by an endless blue sea.

It is home to over 100 species of mammals and
184 species of exotic birds. Marine life is
abundant in the park and around the
twelve surrounding islands.

Manuel Antonio is truly a different, tropical
world. This fact is immediately apparent
upon turning the last corner out of
Quepos and starting up the hill south of town.

With the establishment of Manuel Antonio National Park in 1972, the people of Costa Rica decided to preserve for future generations one of the most beautiful and bio-diverse areas in the world. Although it is the country's smallest national park, the stunning beauty and diversity of wildlife in its 683 hectares is unequaled.

Manuel Antonio National Park contains numerous short trails, all of which are easily accessible and well maintained, and they tend to follow the coastline, supplying beautiful views and easy access to the picturesque white sand beaches.

In Manuel Antonio you will have the chance to enjoy yourself with horseback riding, sport fishing, river rafting and kayak expeditions, surfing, snorkeling, bird and butterfly watching, quiet beaches, and astounding sunsets. It is truly one of the few places that allows for the total immersion into nature, thus providing the perfect setting for learning.


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