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Spanish Immersion Center
Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica
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Why Immersion?

“Simply put, immersion is the most cost effective, time effective, enjoyable way to acquire a new language skill. “

Spanish is one of the principal languages of the world. Over 1/2 billion people communicate in Spanish in over  20 countries! Escuela D’Amore is a quality educational institution created to facilitate the learning of Spanish at the most beautiful beaches in Costa Rica. Adjacent to the school is the spectacular Manuel Antonio National Park, Costa Rica’s most famous rain forest. The school’s location provides the perfect environment to meet the students’ linguistic needs. 

Escuela D’Amore offers intensive Spanish language courses in a total immersion program. We cordially invite you to participate in a unique study vacation in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica.

Obviously, there are several ways to learn a language. CDs, college courses, evening courses, and even on-line, to name a few. If the number one reason for studying Spanish—is to learn Spanish—and to be able to communicate in Spanish—then the simplest, most effective, efficient manner is IMMERSION. There is simply no comparison.

Being immersed means that the student is surrounded by the language and the culture. The focus is the language and the culture, and everything else is secondary. No interruptions, no distractions, and constant reinforcement of what you are learning.

You hear it, you feel it, and you learn it. The community speaks Spanish, the teachers are instructing you in Spanish, your Homestay family is communicating with you in Spanish. Everywhere you turn—Spanish!

You will acquire in a very short time the skill of communicating in Spanish. You are immersed, and you will find it challenging, frustrating, enjoyable, and most of all rewarding. In a very brief period of time, you will be communicating effectively with your new skill! ¡Usted habla español!

The optimization of your time, in an optimized learning environment, is really what Immersion is about. It is simply put, the most cost effective, time effective, enjoyable way to acquire a new language skill. If you are serious about learning Spanish—you owe it yourself to be Immersed!

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