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Why Costa Rica?

Why someone interested in learning Spanish would want to choose Costa Rica as the perfect place to study can be summed up succinctly:

Tourist Safety
Quality of Life
Quality of Language

Tourist Safety
Costa Rica enjoys a very stable government,
with the population respecting law
enforcement. The people are friendly and non-aggressive, and
very welcoming of foreigners.
Quality of Life
Costa Rica enjoys the highest literacy rate in the Americas, hence, one of the highest  standards of living. Clear water and effective health care are available nationwide. The communication infrastructure is sound, providing access to internet, telecommunication and television.
The canvas of Costa Rica springs to life with some of the worlds best surfing, water rafting, sport fishing, rain forests, volcanoes, beaches, and jungles.
Quality of Language
The Spanish language spoken in Costa Rica has a quality that makes it  exceptionally easy to understand. The accent that you hear and learn will be understood where ever you travel.
Costa Rica is just 1,200 miles from Miami, Florida , meaning that from most airports in the US, travel time is from 2.5—5 hours.  Costa Rica is served by all the major airlines.

Costa Rica as a Study Destination

A country with just about 4 million residents
, and a land mass just approaching that of the state of West Virginia in the United States, has proven to be a very popular destination for students studying abroad - thanks to having strikin natural beauty and resources, and to having political stability. The friendlyness of the Costa Rican people is legendary, and the clarity of their dialect, make Costa Rica an excellent choice as a destination to study Spanish.

Costa Rica dismantelded its military in 1948, deciding to dedicate its resources to developing a peaceful, healthy society. It is known as the "Switzerland of Central America." Continuing its investment in democratic instutuions, Costa Rica is home to the University of Peace and the Interamerican Court of Human Rights.

Costa Rica has diverse climates, with the highland being mild, and the plains are tropical and subtropical. Costa Rica has protected over 25 percent of the nation's land with with conservation status. Within these national parks exist 5 percent of the worlds flora and fauna species. In this tiny country you may encounter 800 species of butterflies, exotic plants, monkeys, sloths, armadillos, jaguars, tapirs, sea turtles, and a vast number of amphibians and reptiles.

Costa Rica is the place for anyone interested in the outdoor life, or conservation activities - and of course the opportunity to explore beaches, volcanoes, cloudforests, and rainforests


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