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Before you Travel To Costa Rica


We, at La Escuela De Idiomas D'Amore, wish you a very pleasant trip to Costa Rica.  This is the first step of your study vacation and it is an important element of learning the language.  If by chance, you encounter any difficult situation, either in the planning or while traveling, feel free to contact us. The staff at school will do our best to smooth out the ride.  ¡Hasta pronto!

I.          Flight Arrangements
University students should check with their nearest Council Travel for rates - they have the International Student I.D. card (in other words, they can get good rates)  Check with your travel agent for the best rates otherwise. If you need help with flight arrangements, please do not hesitate to contact the school directly, we will be glad to help you.
A few of the sites that we use regularly are here.

It is important to plan on being in Manuel Antonio at least the day before classes are to begin, and to leave sufficient time after the end of class to get to San Jose for the flight home. Generally the best plan is arrive on a Saturday or Sunday, and to arrange the flight home for the Saturday or Sunday after the end of classes. We can help you with hotel or hostel accomodations. Many of the hotels give us a special rate for our students, and we are happy to help with your accomodations. If you want to make your own reservations, you may recieve a discount if you mention that you are a student at Escuelda D'Amore. A few that we recommend are located here.

II.        How to get to Manuel Antonio, Quepos.
We prefer to meet you at the airport, and direct you to a private shuttle that will take you directly to your accomodations in Quepos or Manuel Antonio. If your schedule is complex, or you desire to engage in the culture of the capital of Costa Rica - then there are also several options. Private shuttle buses will assist you or you can take a taxi into the city.  We invite you to visit www.graylinecostarica.com or www.interbusonline.com It is easy to get to Manuel Antonio from San José.  There are direct buses which leave the "Coca-Cola" bus station (all taxis know how to get there) from San José four times daily, 6:00 AM, 12:00 PM, 6:00 PM, and 7:30 PM.; the cost is about $5.00 U.S.  The trip is very enjoyable and lasts 3 hours.  You could also rent a car, although rent-a-cars are very expensive here. A couple of car rental companies are here.
Additionally, there is a shuttle flight, which takes fifteen minutes each way. Reservations and pre-payment are needed.  The website and contact information for the airlines serving Manuel/Antonio are located here.
You may also check with our local travel agent in Quepos, LYNCH TRAVEL (506) 777-1170, LYNTUR@RACSA.CO.CR, www.lynchtravel.com . They will provide you with the most updated and accurate travel information.

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I.          Important Documents
a.         passport
b.         credit card, Visa for cash advance / ATM
c.          drivers license
d.         travelers checks
e.          $50-100 in cash ($10 in singles) for emergency money

      NOTE: Do not bring personal checks, they are very difficult to change.  You can pay for your tuition in U.S. dollars, Costa Rican colones, credit card, or Travelers Checks.  Make copies of your important documents.  Leave a copy with you as well.  If your passport is lost it will be easier to replace if you have a copy.

      II.         Materials for Study

      a.         Spanish pocket dictionary:  There are many good dictionaries on the market but for traveling purposes a small, pocket sized book is best.  We suggest University of Chicago pocket size edition.

      b.         Try not to carry too much paper, notebooks, etc.  Quepos is a big town complete with bookstores where you can buy most things you will need.

      c.         Bring any materials you may have on Costa Rica and Central America.  This may include pamphlets, newspaper articles, books.  Sharing this material with other students, teachers, etc. is always appreciated.

      III.       Attire and Personal items

      Here on the beach, shorts, T-shirts and sandals is the daily dress code.  It is very informal. Leave all valuables, jewelry, etc., at home.

      a.         Towel
      b.         2 swimming suits
      c.          Sunscreen and mosquito repellent
      d.         Sunglasses
      e.          Alarm clock
      f.          Small flash light (important)
      g.         Small lock for backpack
      h.         Umbrella and/or raincoat:  The rainy season begins in May and continues through October.  Generally, it is sunny in the morning and rains in the afternoon.
      i.          Money belt:  It is really a must for any traveling.  Quepos is safe, but in San José you need to be more careful.  Be very careful in the Coca-Cola bus station.  Wear your money belt under your clothes; please take precaution with your backpack and luggage at all times in San José. Petty theft occurs all over Costa Rica. Never leave anything unguarded on the beach.  Lock up your tickets, documents, money, etc. in your luggage once you are here. 
      j.          Prescription drugs:  These drugs can be found in most of Quepos pharmacies.  If you bring important drugs, please put them in your carry-on luggage.  If your baggage gets on the wrong flight it may be difficult to find what you need in the meantime.
      k.         Illegal drugs:  This will cause you more problems than they are worth.  Drug laws in Costa Rica are extremely stiff.  Being a foreigner won't help you, they'll still lock you up.
      l.          Remember that traveling is always tough when you lug around large, bulky suitcases.  Travel light!  This can't be emphasized enough.

      IV.       School's mailing address.

      You will not know your family's address until you arrive at the school.  We recommend that your friends and family use the school's mailing address:

      Escuela D’Amore
      APDO 148
      Manuel Antonio
      Quepos, Costa Rica

      Please note that mail to and from Costa Rica takes approximately 10 days.

      V.        Ideas for your Costa Rican family.

      If you like you may bring a gift for your family.  Simple, inexpensive gifts like chocolates, pens and pencils, a T-shirt, children's books in Spanish, postcards of your hometown or state.

      Also your family will probably be interested in your life at home.  Any photos of your house, friends, and family are a great beginning for cultural exchange. 

      Maybe you could put something together (photos, magazine photos, maps, etc.) that would describe what you see as the "reality" of your country.

      VI.       A note on health

      Water is delicious in Quepos/Manuel Antonio.  It comes from the mountains and is also purified in Quepos.  Talk with your doctor or state health authority  about the necessary shots before leaving (They usually have a chart with the appropriated vaccinations for the different countries & regions.  In Costa Rica there is little problem.)

      2007 Holidays; School's Schedule

      La Escuela de Idiomas D'Amore is open year-long except for the following Costa Rican National Holidays:

      Holy Thursday and Friday (April 5, April 6),
      Juan Santamaria’s Day (April 11/observed April 13),
      Labor Day (May 1),
      Guanacaste’s Anexation (July 25/observed July 27),
      Virgin of The Angels:  National Patron (August 2/ observed August 3),
      Mother's Day (August 15/observed August 17),
      Independence Day (September 15), and
      Day of Cultures (October 12).

      Classes cannot be recuperated on these days.  To assure the highest quality education it is suggested that the students accommodate their travel plans to begin the school on the following Mondays:
                  January 2nd, 15th, 29th
                  February 12th, 26th
                  March, 12th, 26th
                  April 9th, 23rd
                  May 14th, 28th
                  June 11th, 25th
                  July 9th, 29th
                  August 6th, 20th
                  September 3rd, 17th
                  October 1st, 15th, 29th
                  November 12th, 26th
                  December 10th, 24th

                  Students may enroll on other Mondays, but will be placed in an existing class.  

      VII.    Refund Policy

      a.         A full refund of tuition and homestay is granted to students who request it in writing prior to the start of the program.
      b.         Students who enroll and begin the course are granted a 50 % refund of remaining tuition alone if request is in writing by the first week.  No refunds are granted after the first week.


    Questions? Comments? Email info@edcostarica.com

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